Tele-Ax Variax Conversion

All the versitality of a Variax 300 Guitar in a Tele format. A one-off project idea from a west coast artist that started a whole new kind of Tele.

T-Style Thinline sporting a pair of Gibson Burst Buckers.

Need to add a pickup?

Fender Jazz Pickup and pro grade electronics for a unique P/J Conversion

85 Gibson Explorer Wraptail Refurb

A complete restoration from bare wood filled Kahler rout and converted to a wraptail bridge. A pair of WCR Godwood Humbuckers and you have a tone monster. Now gigging in the Ukraine!

Tele12 Conversion for "Larry" in 2009

Am Std Body w/Maple 12 String Neck

The Gretsch Tele Twins

Gretsch Filtertron Pickups

The Twins Tele Style 6 & 12 String Pair

Gretsch Filtertron Pickups

Tele12 Conversion

G&L ASAT Pickups

Thinline Tele12 Conversion

Gretsch Filtertron Pickups

Tele12 Conversion

Surf Green Refin

Surf Green Early P-Bass Build

Surf Green Early P-Bass Build

Tele12 Conversion Christmas 2008

Nitro Refin

Tele12 Conversion

Currently gigging in the hands of my favorite west coast player

Thinline Tele12 Conversion

Thinline Tele12 Conversion

Mahogany Thinline 12's are my favorite.

Thinline Tele12 Conversion

West Coast Recording Artist "Nick Shattell" Conversion

Thinline Tele12 Conversion

Thinline Tele12 Conversion

Thinline Tele12 Conversion

Texas Tele Refin

I liked it so much I just kept it for myself. Now sporting a Don Mare 3 Speed in the bridge and empty neck slot.

Texas Strat Refin

Now gigging in Austin, Tx

Tele12 Conversion

Baby Blue Mini-Strat for my Baby Girl!

Yep, it's in the blood.

Tele12 Conversion

Tele Custom12 Conversion

A Surf Green P-Bass

Here's my new RHOMCO GUITARS Logo Decal

I'm always delighted to put one on your next build!

"2324" As New Buchanan Nancy Aged Nitro Blonde 2009 build for Chuck Herrick. Chuck is a Austin, Texas area artist.

USAGC Body & Neck, Callaham Hardware throughout, Don Mare Pickups. A breath of fresh air!

Me & the Texas Tele

Inside The Tele-Ax Conversion

A Variax 300 inside a Tele Body. Imagine 20 Plus Different Guitars with the twist of a knob!

Original Texas Tele remake of a Fender MIJ 63 Re-Issue

Inspired by Three Finger Tim at TDPRI,The first Tele Bass Conversion. Ash Thinline with 30 inch Bronco Neck conversion to Tele Shape

Great player and no neck dive

More tele thinline Short Scale Bass

Another Surf Green Refin Tele Body

Tele Bass, Vintage Tele Body Shaped Short Scale Bass.

Custom Build for Gill McBride

Double Bound Tele Custom in Surf Green

"Surfie" USACG all the way with Callaham Hardware and Don Mare "Hayrides". Another dream guitar for an Austin, Tx Artist.

Double Bound Tele Custom in Tangerine Pearl Refin

Fender 62 RI Body, Don Mare "Don-O-Casters". Top Loader Bridge set up for open "G" work.

Sugar Pine Tele Custom Build.

Knotty Pine Body, USAGC Neck, Callaham Hardware & Lollar Pickups wired "Fender U.S. Fat" 5-Way. Custom build for a Phoenix Arizona Artist.

Me & My Beatle Backer at "GarageBand Woodstock 2010"

I played Rickenbackers in the 60's like everyone else did. Love the look but never liked the tone and playability. Fast forward 40 years and take a dream to reality.

Start with an Alder Body and a Birdseye Maple cap.

Still on the paint jig.

Next, a Carvin 24-3/4 Scale Paddle Head Neck

Cut headstock to that "R" shape and add the shaded nitro to match the body.

Tuners on

Install the "1983 Fender Telecaster Elite Top Loader Bridge.

Load the Joe Barden "Two-Tone" Humbuckers and Rickenbacker Pickguard.

Chose to use a bolt on neck arrangement.

Used a "Fender American Deluxe" Neck Plate and contoured the pocket.

Complete the look with a Truss Rod Cover of questionable origin.

No I dont sell these

One of my maple tele 12 string necks

Build your own 12 string? I have a few 12 string necks in rosewood or maple for sale. 12 string tele bridges as well. I don't sell necks with "that" decal. After you buy the neck it is yours and you can do as you wish. email to discuss

Another Texas Flag refin

Brand new American Special tele refinished in the Texas Flag finish for a client in Great Britain Thanks Andrew!


Now that is a fine backside!

Walnut natural

Butterscotch Blonde Blackguard

Custom Build (Andy B.) My finish and assembly. All parts provided by customer

TDPRI Fundraiser Giveaway

Donated to the finest website in the world for Tele lovers. One $25.00 donation won it :)

El Cabrone

Appearing on stages worldwide and owned by Phil X

Texas Flag Strat

Spotted in the Austin, Texas area in the capable hands of Chuckey Boy